2015 Physical Education 4º, 5º y 6º

Traditional games (hopscotch)
We are going to start with the Unit Traditional Games and that´s why we were painting a hopscotch (Rayuela). Thanks to my colleague Juan for all the help.

A bunch of traditional games with the 5th graders.


Free online game.


Badminton (5º, 6º)

Football/ Soccer

Free game online. Penalty shootout!


Some words to improve our range of vocabulary about football.

Karate -Martial Art-  (6º, 5º, 4º, 3º)

Thanks to the "Federación de Kárate" our students could say goodbye, just before Easter, enjoying a masterclass taught by two fantastic instructors. Congratulations to Javier and his colleague.

Aerobic+ juggling= final show (6º)


Acrosport (Year 4)

We are drilling and learning a bunch of these exercises in our P.E. lessons.


Kick boxing (5ºB)

Our teacher assistant, Corina, taught us an amazing kick boxing lesson. We learnt:

1. jab,
2. cross,
3. uppercut
4. hook
5. knee


We had the opportunity to attend a badminton masterclass in our P.E. Lessons. José Manuel, a badminton trainer in Palomeras Sport Centre, came to teach us.

If someone wants to continue after school you can ask for more information at Palomeras Sport Centre.

Free badminton game online!

 Badminton game

Skipping ropes (Year 5)

Basic tricks: double bounce, single bounce, bell, side swing...

Amazing video in which you can see professional skipping rope tricks. (to start go to 30") 

Juggling (Year 6)

We are practicing several exercises with 2 juggling or tennis balls. 
In this website you can discover a lot of juggling exercises to enjoy and learn while you are playing.


And now... 3 balls! Here’s how you can work your way up from juggling one ball to three.


My colleague Alfonso (P.E. Teacher in CEIP Los Almendros) has done a presentation about basketball, so you can learn a little bit about the history, the skills and at the end you can watch a video about the Spanish National Team.

And now a game to practice your basketball skills!


Easy definition and a few words that we have learnt in our lessons:

Free game online to practice our "hockey skills":

 Hockey Game

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